Tom Cruise is among the most famous film stars in the world and he's also one of the wealthiest actors around.

The entertainer of 59, has made thousands of dollars through his blockbuster films and you're likely to be amazed when you look at these figures.

Tom's payday for Top Gun: Maverick is likely to be the biggest of his career at this in the future once the film's theatrical release has concluded. 

A lot of people Tom's paychecks are the amounts of his salary and his back-end profits participation, which can be significantly higher than his initial salary.

2. War of the Worlds - $100 million YEAR OF RELEASE: 2005 Tom reportedly decided to not pay a salary to pay for War of the Worlds in lieu of agreeing to receive 20 percent of the film's profit.

1. "Top Gun": Maverick - 100-$200 Million YEAR OF RELEASE: 2022 According to reports, Tomearned only $13 million as his salary base on the film Top Gun: Maverick, according to Variety.

The report also states that he's earning 10-20% of the total earnings from the theatrical run. The film is expected to reach 1 billion at the global box office, and there's no sign that it's slowing.

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It's possible that, at the end of the day Tom earns between $100 and $200 million for his involvement in the film!