Tom Cruise is high on the list this year due to the popularity of his film Top Gun: Maverick, which is the seventh highest-grossing motion picture ever domestically.

The news is that the actor of 60 has three more films in production, all with one director!

Tom Cruise

Tom has worked with his long-time partner Christopher McQuarrie on the upcoming Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One 

and Part Two. They're also planning the next 3 projects with Christopher McQuarrie According to Deadline.

The outlet says that among the plans includes "an original song and dance-style musical they'll craft as a star vehicle for Cruise.

The report claims that Cruise has "long been interested in doing a musical" after he learned to sing in the film musical he directed previously Rock of Ages.

The next film will be "another original action film with franchise potential."

Tom Cruise's Upcoming 3 Movie

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The third film will focus on Tom's characters Les Grossman from the movie Tropic Thunder. The report states that they are "unclear

if they will create a whole movie around Grossman, or borrow him for inclusion in either of the other vehicles."

Tom and Christopherare working on writing the three scripts in one go. Additionally, Tom is planning the space-themed film Tom is working on along with a different director!