Tom Hanks has been questioned about the reason Tim Allen wasn't invited to voice Buzz on The Lightyear.

When the movie was announced, many assumed that Allen would play the role. But, it was later discovered the actor Chris Evans would be voicing the character.

Evans has defended his role, explaining that the movie was based not on the toy instead, it was based on the real-life spaceman who 

inspired the toy in the Pixar universe. In the meantime, the director Angus MacLane described the choice to cast the film as "intentional".

When Woody voice actor Hanks who plays Baz Luhrmann's Elvis when asked to comment on whether there was anything "strange to

be appearing in a theatre in a film by Buzz Lightyear He told CinemaBlend: "How about this?

Tom Hank

I was actually hoping to fight Tim Allen and then they did not let Tim Allen do it. I'm confused by that.

When it was pointed out about Evans playing the part, he responded"Yeah, yeah I'm sure.

Tom Hanks Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear

Then he added Then he said: I'd like to return to the theater with a group of people who have nothing that we have in common.

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That's exactly what I'm hoping to do. And, going to see a film with Allen, I'm really looking forward to it.