The film, Pinocchio on Wednesday night in which he discussed the reasons he wanted to play the woodcarver who is also the producer of Pinocchio.

"Oh, this is like being on the '27 Yankees, you know, it goes back so far in the American cultural zeitgeist, and I know way too much about

Pinocchio because I played Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks, so, I already did a prime study on it -- I was ready to hit it," Hanks said.

"As soon I as I heard that Bob was doing it -- Bob Zemeckis, I called him up cold and I said, 'Pinocchio,' literally one word. I said,

'Pinocchio,' and he said, 'Yeah,' and I said, 'Geppetto' and he said, 'Really?' and that was that," the actor continued. "To be in anything, to have a part in 'When You Wish Upon a Star?' Come on."

The technology that brought this film's story to life caught Hanks's curiosity too as the actor, who is 66, speaking to ET that,

with the rich history that is woven into the production, there's the only way he could not pass up the chance to take his part Pinocchio pass through the air.