Social media appears to have come back with another lie when it has convinced users that celebrities have passed away.

This isn't the first time that a death fake has taken over the social media platform. The past has seen stars such as Lil Tjay,

Eminem and many others have been a victim of this. The most recent addition to the list of victims is Tom.


The rumors of Tom dead beginning to surface on the internet due to a post posted by an Instagram page known as big_chungles.

 the photo was captioned with "Tom Holland 1996-2012" written on the post. The picture certainly was able to fool those who saw it for the first time.

In order to make the caption more credible an emotional caption was made, where the admin speaks regarding Tom being his favorite

Spiderman adds that the actor was always his favorite. Along with it, there was a hashtag that said: "#liveanotherdayspiderman."


With more than 185k followers on the social media platform It didn't need long to get the attention of the other. 


In the aftermath, many started posting the same image, while others created an edited version from their own. This was the reason for"# "RIP Tom Holland."

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Tom has returned to life and is doing well. He just happens to be the victim of a death on social media hoax that is going viral.