Tommy Dorfman announced that she was engaged to her lover in the latest show Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson however she didn't divulge the identity of her girlfriend.

The 13 Reasons Why actress kept mum about the specifics, she confirm that her fiancee was female and

has called her "just an openly gay girl." She also confirmed that her partner had been an Aries who is "deeply passionate."

Tommy is prior to that, she was been married to Peter Zurkuhlen for five years. They broke up in June 2021 and began their divorce process at the beginning of February 2022.

Tommy -- who has come out as transgender this summer, said she began to look into her desire for women after breaking up. from her husband.

I realized that I was fascinated by women in a way I wasn't aware of until the time I was in high school." her explanation on the podcast.

I was a bit stuck unknown thing. I thought"This is the year I'm going on dates with women and feel like I'm out there again, and not be embarrassed about it.