On Saturday, the stars musicians, friends, and other guests came together in London's Wembley Stadium for

the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show to celebrate and honor Taylor Hawkins's life. Foo Fighters Drummer passed away unexpectedly in Colombia in the spring of this year.

The audience included Hawkins, Blink-182 drummer, who is a long-time friend of Hawkins, and Hawkins, 

who took the stage to perform Foo Fighters songs "The Pretender" and "Monkey Wrench."

Travis Barker tribute

Kardashian 43, then took to Instagram to upload a series of photos that showed the couple and their husbands, who is 46 who attended the event.

In the images, the couple was seen walking with each other in matching rock-inspired outfits.

Travis Barker

In the photos, the Poosh creator as well as the Kardashians model wore a large T-shirt that featured Hawkins 

in the front and the black turtleneck, which was paired with long gloves. The outfit was completed with knee-high boots as well as a black bag.

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Although Kardashian posted the caption using a hawk emoji as an emblem of Hawkins, Barker thanked her for her 

help in the comment section. "Thank you for joining me on such a special night ," Barker wrote. "I love you my wife."