With the start of the regular season just coming up in a couple of months, Colin Cowherd and Mike Silver recently discussed what they've learned concerning 49ers player Trey Lance. 

Cowherd says Lance has been suffering from "arm fatigue" as he's experimenting with an innovative delivery.

You and I could have the same source. We might not, but I've stated that when I watched Trey Lance play, aesthetically it's ugly.

The second thing you're saying is the same as what I'm hearing: they're rebuilding his throw, and he's suffering from arm fatigue.

You and I hear similar things. "The hand fatigue is an interesting aspect, and I've seen it too," Silver said.

So, if you think that this is only two of us putting together our conspiracies We'll take a look at the facts. In the past, they planned to make use of the Trey Lance package --

they were delighted about it. This could be a huge large tool for them. They began to do it, but then ended up stopping. 

Then, something changed to make Kyle Shanahan that he didn't benefit from placing Lance in a situation.

The following day, Ted Nguyen of The Athletic inquired of a member the 49ers coaching staff regarding Lance's "arm fatigue."

An anonymous member of the San Francisco's staff replied, "I've never heard anything about this in my entire life..

Of course that the 49ers would not admit that Lance is suffering from "arm fatigue."

Trey Lance injury

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The best part lies in the fact that Kyle Shanahan and the majority of the team have been raving about Lance during the offseason.