Trey Lance was a stumbling block in the San Francisco 49ers' first-week loss to Chicago Bears.

Trey Lance Stripper Video Emerges,

The younger quarterback was not only unable to go 13 of 28 for 164 yards, zero touchdowns,

Trey Lance Stripper Video Emerges,

and one interception but he also failed to show the kind of situational good judgment Jimmy Garoppolo is known for.

Lance's problems didn't end on Sunday, however. Lance has been through a lot in the past few months.

It has been one thing after another, with the drama surrounding Lance's girlfriend and the controversy around his dumb tattoo.

Lance is clearly not the main quarterback who makes headlines for his off-the-field exploits.

Trey Lance Stripper Video Emerges,

Tom Brady does it fairly consistently. Russell Wilson is a different story. These guys are Tremendous Bowl champs.

The Niners' and Seahawks' upcoming showdown could be a sign of things to come. All his past problems might vanish if Lance is strong and has a good recovery.

He should fight again, but don't be surprised if Garoppolo returns to the starting lineup out of nowhere.