Ryan Sutter is revealing more details about his struggle to beat Lyme disease. If you're unaware The previous Bachelorette star was diagnosed with the illne

After finding out about the condition, Ryan has undergone two major surgeries but is now been able to return to his job.

In a brand new video interview Ryan, together with his spouse Trista Sutter has opened to the difficulties they endured throughout everything.

Ryan says that Ryan said that he "was just thinking about how to get through the day...but I'm feeling that my life is returning. It's really encouraging.

He remembers feeling "really very tired. My body was aching and I felt exhausted and even getting up off the couch seemed like a challenge. Then, it got worse.

"It took over my life," Ryan added. "I'd always believed that I was able to endure any challenge. However, I was unable to do this.

I never reached the point at which I thought I'd rather die. But I do sympathize with those who would rather commit suicide rather than suffer through some thing.

Trista said, "Ryan is our everyday hero, so to see him feel like crap, that just weighs on you."

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After Ryanfinally has his answers He says "the trend is shifting and I'm feeling more positive and appreciate the little things in life more. It's a shift in perspective.