The 52-year-old filmmaker spoke out about why he kept Aman, his 7-year-old son, and other personal relationships, out of the spotlight in a new interview.

These people aren't famous. Tyler shared this with The Magazine. "I want him as normal as possible."

Tyler said, "I want him to know what it's really like to have his name and live his life independently and not feel the pressure to live up to your father or any other person."

Tyler discussed explaining race to Aman as he gets older. "I haven't had the conversation with Aman since he's only 7 and I want it to be as long as possible," Tyler stated.

I don't want him to know that people will judge him based on his skin color. He's currently in school with

all races and all the kids are in their best form. He never refers to his friends by their race when describing them.

"So, the day he loses his innocence is going to be a very, very sad time for me," Tyler said.

Tyler Perry

He's asking tough questions and I know it's coming. He should be someone who sees injustice and speaks out against it, and that effects change.