Tyrese Gibson is now officially single. The Fast & Furious star revealed his breakup with influencer

Zelie Timothy this Wednesday (July 7) and took to social media to announce the news of their split.

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese posted an audio clip of a man trying to save the deer from a snake that is trying to strangle it. The caption reads: 

"Stop trying to convince me that your daughter isn't a SNAKE... I'm simply hoping to get rid of this powerful devilish enticement attraction of a masterful manipulator.

He continued, "I'm currently single," adding, I wish all to DM to enjoy @zelietimothy, she's verified and was not yet ready to be married.

Tyrese also wrote I'd like to be married and be able to settle down and really be a part of the comforts of a FAMILY and MARRIED LIFE

......... I smoke hookah in my home all day long, and I would rather not join your clubs or with your ladies.

I would like to be at home and remain the kind of hard-working, family-oriented man I am.

Tyrese Gibson

In a different post, the actor of 43 posted a picture of an unidentified female with the caption "Damn I think I've got an 'I'm a TYPE' now." 

....... She shared this not me. .......... I only follow the most sexy users on Instagram and am slapped with a fine for "liking" their post.

Stability is crucial. I earned the money that I received for the mansions. I have everything you require I'm only trying determine

how I can be married and remain married for the rest of my life. ......... Who knows the secrets? I'm open to listening and be lean," he continued.

Zelieseemed to reply in her posts to him on the Instagram Story, saying: "Your acting off emotions and not factual information! 

Hurt people hurt people. It's my fault to cause harm! 

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Tyrese Gibson