An effective interview can be a challenge and adjusting to the tastes of the interviewee is the most effective method to make an interview memorable.

If you're not familiar with the distinctive format of "Hot Ones" the videos each welcome stars from the A-List to an interview.

There's an added twist: while responding to questions, the guest must attempt eating hot wings which become increasingly hot during the interview.

Participants who get too high on the Scoville scale will be able to announce their forthcoming projects.

The guests who fail to succeed in their quest can showcase their work, however, they're added to the program's "Hall of Shame."

In Lizzo's first episode she delves into the specifics of her career starting with classical music education up to her rise to fame in the mainstream and then soaring through every level of spice. 

In a bid to get up the ranks, Lizzo suffers temperatures that are too extreme for the average person to comprehend. For the pop icon the special treat to cool down was waiting for her.

As Lizzo was expressing gratitude, she dug in the dessert that is dairy free people took to the comment part of Lizzo's video to applaud the decision.

One commenter wrote "I'm so sorry ya'll...but the oatmeal ice cream was adorable. Sean knows the best way to get his viewers at ease on the show.

Amazing! Also, (of of course) Lizzo seems so down to earth and funny." Even without the ice cream Lizzo definitely was able to handle the heat with ease.