A film series that runs over two decades, and has never been more than a few years between installments.

Furthermore, it's the only film series that has the most number of episodes that haven't gone through an alteration in narrative continuity or a change in the leading roles.

Vin Diesel sees this longevity as more than mere coincidence or endless IP exploitation by an unforgiving studio. 

This may sound absurd at first however, given this film's "Fast" films' continued popularity, it could some truth to his philosophies.

The "Fast" saga isn't just an organization that keeps Diesel in the market while providing him with many other opportunities. Diesel says that the "Fast" films are a passion project of their own.

Based on Jordana Brewster (who is Dom's Mia, his sister Mia), Diesel is a completely different character and she explains that

"He isn't Dom ... Dom is a person who speaks and walks in a completely different manner. Vin's design of Dom is genius since it's totally different from who the person he's.

Vin said we've been a long way ... the team and our cast, our studio never stopped striving higher. 

The most important thing is that you have did not stop being a believer in our work. We hope to make you proud.