Despite having a strong relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith previously the actor Vivica is a. Fox recently revealed that she hadn't talked to her former cast member in some time.

"About Oscar night. My sincere wish is for these two smart and capable men will have the chance to heal, 

discuss this and come to a compromise. In the present situation in the world we live in, we need each other and we have more in common than ever before," Smith said.

When we were discussing the Will Smith Oscars slap on the Wendy Williams Show, Fox revealed why she believes Jada Pinkett Smith had a part in the incident.

"Will Smith was defending her honor, that's the reason he walked on stage and slapped because he felt like his wife had been offended so for me to see no accountability as a partner,"

"Also we should not forget that Chris Rock was assaulted. It's impossible to forget for essentially making a joke, which I actually thought wasn't too bad."