After proposing at Sarah Hyland three years ago, Wells Adams is set to reveal a few details about what the public will get from their wedding.

We initially became engaged in the month of July in 2019. We planned to be married on the 8th of August in 2020 

We were scheduled to marry on the 31st of July in 2021. Then again," Wells said. "Now we're in this year...

I am sure we've realized that the fact that if we get through this, we could get through anything.

Wells Adam

I've heard it said during the wedding to never leave each other's side. I believe that's a great option," Wells recalled.

The second is to have time to yourself. We'll go home following the ceremony, take a break from everyone else, and enjoy time with one another.

In the summer of this year, Sarah has been getting into the wedding spirit, celebrating her forthcoming wedding by hosting"the bridal shower of my dreams " bridal shower of my dreams"