A former Disney celebrity Orlando Brown recently left the internet in a state of anxiety about his mental health after making some bizarre remarks regarding American musician Diddy.

In an interview recently with Cam Capone News, Brown suddenly began to talk about Diddy and made a variety of bizarre gestures and sounds. He ended by declaring,

I was in Diddy mode, sorry. I started licking my lips. Yo Diddy I was licking my lips. the goof wash with the oosh.

The That's So Raven alumni continued: "You have given me the oosh gosh mooafand the shoosh mooaf, and the smosh. D.I.Y... yes son. I love it! I am in love with it.

Before his most recent statement, Brown also came under the spotlight for making insensitive remarks regarding Bow Wow

during a 2020 interview with Funny Marco and implying he had a physical connection with Bow Wow.

Orlando Brown