After three smash films, Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski will continue the John Wick series with a new installment in the ever-growing action-packed franchise.

In the latest trailer teaser, Wick is shown recovering from his injuries practicing punching using his left arm after cutting off his finger that is ring-shaped.

Wick's Recovery After The Third Film

Wick's Recovery After The Third Film

Wick as well as the Bowery King are definitely looking for revenge on their enemies at the High Table for all the suffering they've endured.

Hiroyuki Sanada (who was a co-star alongside Reeves on 47 Ronin) will be the lead in this sequel.

Who Are Wick's Allies?

after his brief presence in the movie trailer, it's not clear if Wick is Wick's enemy or a friend (or some combination or both).

Like previous films similar to previous films, other contract killers across the globe that are associated with the Continental .

The Villains In John Wick 4

The Villains In John Wick 4

The Elder is another one Wick may need to look out for, since John violated their contract in refusing to murder Winston.

John Wick: Chapter 4'

 High Table must also have an official residence in its own right, and numerous top-of-the-line security personnel waiting on Wick's return.

How Will Wick Find The High Table?

The High Table could also contain crucial information like the reasons they are planning to be the new owners of New York and/or other Continental residences.