Arch Manning is the most highly-ranked quarterback recruit to Texas Longhorns Vince Young joined them in 2002.

Young, who has strong ties to the football team, shared some remarkable news Friday about the new five-star quarterback.

Young claims Manning will redshirt in Austin's first season. I hear that he will be redshirting. "That's going to help us a lot," Young stated on Friday's episode First Take.

This news was received by the college football community via Twitter. Redshirting is the number one sport in the country. One fan wrote.

Redshirting may have more to do the Manning family wanting him to wear a redshirt than he wanting to be taken to the wolves as a freshman.

It is much more difficult for a rookie QB to learn an offense than any other position," added another.

Steve Sarkisian could have to make a difficult decision if Manning redshirts his freshman season.

Vince Young

Quinn Ewers, a former five-star quarterback, announced earlier this offseason that he would transfer to Texas Longhorns.

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It could prove beneficial for Manning to learn from the sidelines in Year 1, depending on how his first year in Austin.