Riverdale Season 6 of Riverdale is now available on Netflix all over the world however, the date it comes will depend on where you reside.

The majority of regions on Netflix outside of the US are currently streaming the entire sixth season, while the US is expected to get it in August 2022.

The long-running, long-running show of The CW is the show that everyone hates to watch.

‘Riverdale’ be on Netflix

The show is a reimagining of the Archie comics the show remains one of the best network shows and also does well on Netflix.

You may have been told, that season 6 is expected to be the penultimate season, with season 7 set to be the show's last season.

The details of the episode count for the finale season have been released as of yet, but the first release is anticipated to occur in 2023.

Kiernan Shipka confirmed on the 8th of October that she'd be returning to the role of Sabrina Spellman in Riverdale season 6.

Riverdale Season 6 Releasing Weekly on Netflix Outside the United States  If you're outside of within the United States,  

once again you'll receive the episodes from Riverdale Season six weekly on the day following the show airs at 9pm on The CW.