Denise Richards Immediately after her daughter passed, Denise joined OnlyFans. The 51-year-old actress spoke out in a new interview with KTLA. 

She stated that her initial intention was to support, Sami Sheen. However, she also revealed another reason she joined the platform. 

Denise explained how Sami "got a lot backlash to open the account. Although I knew about OnlyFans, I was not educated about what it was.

But, as I learned more about the site, I realized that it was a combination of all the social media

Denise Richards

platforms and merged them into one website. Your content is yours. Other sites can also sell your content.

Denise added: "We all post photos with ourselves in bathing suits on Instagram, and other sites. There's no distinction other than the fact that you own the content.

She said she was hesitant about joining OnlyFans and that it would be strange for Sami to be there.

Why Denise Richards Join OnlyFans

She then said, "We're both on Instagram" and I replied, "You're right!"

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