Fans who are eagle-eyed believe Adele was accidentally exposed to her lover, Rich Paul, who secretly got married.

Adele Says

The "Easy on Me" singer has celebrated her first Emmy by posting the release of a collection of Instagram selfies Sunday.

However, one image showed the award placed on her table with a specific accessory that was thrown at the 50.8 million followers in a tizzy.

The background featured a game that was specially designed for Rummikub -- a game that many have observed the couple playing -- and the tag "The Paul's" on the outside.

"'The Paul's is your name? Are you married? ," one fan asked. "she provided us with two announcements in one blog post. I am awestruck by her enthusiasm," Another person commented,

pointing out the Emmy win as well as the possibility of a wedding. "'The Paul's" MY Girlfriend is married!" a third fan was elatedly observing.

But the apostrophe's location has confused people even more because it could be Paul's game, or even an engagement present from an innocent but not grammatically savvy loved one.

"wouldn't be Paul's if they were married, it would be Pauls," one fan said. "I can't tell if I am more excited about it or upset at the bad punctuation," Another person wrote.

Adele has been quiet about the possibility, and her representatives did not immediately reply to Page Six's request to comment.