JIM Carrey is well-known all over the globe due to his extensive film career. "I've done enough. I am enough."

In June 2022, however "Jim Carrey dead" was trending, leaving his followers to wonder what happened.

Rumors of Jim Carrey being dead have been reported on YouTube along with Twitter. But don't be afraid this actor is still alive and has been the victim of a hoax. 

In one of the images posted on Twitter, the headline of the news site said: Tragic loss of Jim Carrey.

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Jim Carre's health diminishing: Source. Listen to his final words to family, friends, and his fans.  

Although the article had many people in confusion, it simply appears to be an unrelated clickbait website that is not related to Jim in any way.

In April 2022, however, the actor said that the actor had been "fairly serious" about his retirement from acting in the marketing of Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

He also told Access Hollywood: "I think - as a matter of fact, something that you will never hear another famous person declare for as long as there is time I'm a good person.