Will Smith's return to social media was accelerated over the weekend, when he posted a clip in which he and his oldest son were rescuing a giant spider from their home.

"What the hell is that? It's a huge-ass spider! Will, 53, stated in the video about the Tarantula.

Will Smith Jumps on Chair

Oscar winner Trey was given the task of managing spider wrangling. He climbed onto a chair to ensure his safety while the giant arachnid crawled across the floor.

Trey, 29, hears him say, "C'mon, you're young, strong," "You can take the bite."

Will Smith Jumps on Chair

His son responded by giving him a "are you serious?" stare with his hands on his hips and giving him a "are you serious" look.

After Trey had trapped the spider under glass, his father screamed behind him. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air actor eventually stepped in to help.