It is often filled with thorns, pricks, and other obstacles that can cause problems in the relationship. 

Recent examples of this are the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trials. Jada Pinkett and Will Smith are another Hollywood power couple. Andrew Tate, a kickboxer, has come to Will Smith’s rescue.

As their disputes and victories are publicly discussed, the Smiths' relationship has been a hot topic in Hollywood. 

reports also indicate that Jada did not want to marry. She also admitted to her 'entanglement' with August Alsina.

American kickboxer Jada did not hesitate to say that their relationship could only end in tragedy and Jada loves hurting Will.

He stated, Will, this will only end badly. She will eventually switch on you, turn on you completely, and pretend that she is the victim while you are the abuser.

Tate also advised Will to divorce his wife, as that is the only way he could escape her. He stated, "If you have any brain left, or any brain at all," 

he advised Will to leave his wife. Your pursuit of her is the basis for her whole life. You can take her ego out of her when you replace it.

The Oscars this year was filled with drama, with fights going left, right, center, literally. Chris Rock, comedian and actor, was the host. 

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