Interview by Glamour UK that was published on Thursday singer-songwriter and double Emmy Award nominee reflected on her

the decision to first shave her head two years after her album debut track "Whip My Hair" was released.

When discussing the decision that she made at 11, Smith aged 21 spoke to the outlet that "I like to see a glare on my scalp, a bounce of light."

Shaving my head might be probably the most complicated thing I've ever done to enhance my aesthetics," she added.

Smith said in her interview with the magazine that said "as a Black woman, there were a lot of layers

to my relationship with my hair and skin growing up," which has been "a learning curve" for her.

Willow Smith 

Whatever I'm experiencing I'm a fan of do this. I'm not one thinking about it all the time," she said of her style preferences.

"I am a fan of being totally free. I believe that just being myself often can be radical."

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I was forced to look up to stunning Black ladies," she explained." It's just a matter of looking at someone just like me,

who lives their lives in the truth, and not letting what society tells them bring them down. I'm sure this was the biggest influence for me as a kid.

Willow Smith