He escaped the scandal of steroids, his death that a wrestling star in an event that was pay-per-view, as well as legal proceedings from those who had concussions.

The executive who turned the company into an international entertainment company faces perhaps the most difficult challenge to the control of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

On Friday, the paper said that McMahon was willing for more than 12 million dollars over the past 16 years to settle claims of infidelity and s*x*al assault.

The cash, which was higher than the amount previously reported was made to four women who were previously affiliated with 

the firm that had agreed to sign agreements that prevented them from discussing their relationships with McMahon

according to the newspaper said citing sources who were familiar with the agreements and the documents.

The settlements comprise $7.5 million for an ex-wrestler who claimed McMahon forced her to give o*al s*x,

and later was able to demote her as a result, according to the newspaper. He refused to extend the contract she signed in 2005 

when she refused to have any more encounters The Journal said, citing sources who were familiar with the situation. 

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