In an attempt to calm Zendaya's nerves Claire went to the table with the star, until she was resisted by security.

"[I got] myself towards Z before they gave her an Emmy with the most hug and told her to take a... breathe !!!"

Claire said in her Instagram Story published on September. 13. The only issue was? "The man who tried to stop me said 'where are your credentials?'"

Zendaya Spotted

"i said 'i'm zendaya's mom' and kept walking!!" She continued, adding laughter emoticons. "hahaha! I never name drop like that but I have to do it!"

The magic words were effective and Claire was there to witness the actress deliver her acceptance speech.

"Thank you to the Academy, thank you to my friends and family, some of which are here tonight." Zendaya stated in her speech while laughing while her mother clapped.

"Thank you to Sam [Levinson] for sharing Rue with me, thank you for believing in me even in moments where I didn't believe in myself."