Television producer Dan Schneider has been an unpopular subject for Nickelodeon for a long time the present, with his long time

with the network has seen him achieve massive popularity, but also accusations of unprofessional behavior, particularly towards the numerous young actors that worked on his shows.

Nikolas, His participation in the demonstration on Thursday came just a few days after the iCarlystar Jennette McCurdy reignited 

the conversation regarding Nickelodeon's treatment of children actors with the release of her memoir I'm Glad My Mom Passed Away.

McCurdy's memoir doesn't mention Schneider in detail, but it does contain several stories of the man who is only known in the book as "The Creator,"

who uses verbal abuse and manipulative tactics to manipulate young actors, urging the youngsters to drink and screaming at them, and then giving them unwanted back massages.

Since her stint at Nickelodeon, Nikolas has founded the activist/whistleblowing group Eat Predators, which is mostly focused on the music industry--but which has recently branched into TV.

In addition to expressing her personal physical discomfort with Schneider, and noting a time in which Schneider and other

executives from Zoey 101brought her to a private room and shouted at her at the time a teenager, and she began crying.

Nikolas has also demanded an inquiry into Schneider's production company, Schneider's Bakery.

Alexa Nikola