Kanye West & Julia Fox: Photos of the Former Couple

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After a few days in Miami, Kanye and Julia took their romance to New York City, where they went on various dinner dates and saw a Broadway show. Kanye also set up a photo shoot just for Julia and bought her an expensive set of clothes as a gift. Back in Los Angeles in mid-January, the pair continued to take their love out in the public eye on more date nights. They split just short of two months after they started dating. Check out photos from their whirlwind of a romance here.

After spending some time in Miami, Kanye and Julia went to New York City to enjoy dinner dates and see a Broadway show. Kanye even arranged a special photo shoot for Julia and bought her some nice clothes as a present. When they returned to Los Angeles in January, they continued going on dates in public. Unfortunately, their relationship ended just under two months later. You can see pictures from their quick romance here.

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