American Nightmare’s Denise Huskins Details Her Abduction in ‘Call Her Daddy’ Interview

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Denise Huskins is opening up about her abduction with unfiltered details. During her Tuesday, April 2, appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, the American Nightmare subject, 38, recalled being “dead asleep” with her now-husband, Aaron Quinn, and thinking she “was dreaming” when she heard abductor Matthew Muller in the room.

“I could hear a strange man’s voice, and it’s like my subconscious was conflicted. It was almost as if it were saying, ‘Don’t wake up, don’t wake up,’” Huskins explained to podcast host Alex Cooper. In that moment, she and Quinn were woken up by what they thought were multiple men, and one of them instructed Denise to tie up her then-boyfriend.

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“There were so many little pieces of it that was just so hard to even process,” Huskins explained to Alex. “It isn’t what you’d normally think — you watch true crime or horror movies, and you see this crazy, passionate violence and realizing that criminals can be patient and in control, and planned out was even more horrifying to process.”

After being forced to take sedatives and put headphones on that played “pre-recorded messages,” Huskins recalled thinking to herself, “Maybe this is just a robbery.” However, it ended up being her abduction.

“The night progressively got worse, and they separated me from Aaron and brought me downstairs, and then he came in — there was just one man who was speaking, and it was the man who held me captive,” Huskins continued. “And he said ‘This wasn’t meant for you, this was meant for—’ and he named Aaron’s ex by her first and last name. We need to figure out what we’re going to do.’”

Huskins was abducted in March 2015. She was held captive by Muller for 40 hours. Amid her abduction, he raped Huskins before eventually returning her back to her hometown.

“You have to almost detach because you can’t be present in the horror of the situation,” Huskins said on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “You have to think of all the possibilities that anything can go wrong.”

Denise Huskins is sharing her story about being kidnapped in a podcast interview. She was sleeping when she heard a strange man’s voice in her room. She and her boyfriend woke up to find themselves being tied up by the intruders.

The experience was terrifying for Denise, as she realized the criminals were patient and had planned everything out. She was given sedatives and forced to listen to messages on headphones. She initially thought it was a robbery, but it turned out to be an abduction.

During her captivity, the kidnapper mentioned Aaron’s ex-girlfriend and seemed to have mistaken Denise for her. Denise was eventually released after being held for 40 hours and assaulted.

Denise explains that in such a situation, you have to detach yourself from the horror and focus on surviving. The ordeal was a traumatic experience for her, but she eventually made it back home.

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