Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer Makes Rare Comment About Ex-Boyfriend Dominic Fike

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Hunter Schafer is providing a glimpse into her dating life after her breakup with Dominic Fike made headlines last summer. During a new interview with GQ, the Euphoria star confirmed she is currently single and taking her time to find someone special.

“I’m still in some ways healing from the last thing,” Hunter, 25, told the publication in an interview published on April 2. “I want to make sure I’m good all the way before I jump into something else.”

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Before fans assume Hunter’s breakup with Dominic, 28, was dramatic, the actress made it clear that the relationship was a special one that she will treasure.

Although she never dated a man before Dominic, Hunter said the romance opened her eyes to new possibilities.

“I had had so many s**tty experiences with men before — not from dating them, but just in life,” she explained. “I think I had built up a wall that was way too thick around them. And then I fell in love.”

Dating Dominic allowed the Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes star to “work through a lot of the feelings of disdain that I had towards men as a whole.”

“I think it had inhibited a lot of my friendships with men, and a lot of that came down as well,” she continued. “I had a really beautiful relationship with [Dominic], and it really opened me up in that way.”

Hunter Schafer recently opened up about her dating life after breaking up with Dominic Fike. In an interview with GQ, the Euphoria star revealed that she is currently single and taking her time to find the right person.

“I’m still healing from my last relationship,” Hunter, who is 25 years old, shared. “I want to make sure I am fully healed before getting into something new.”

Hunter emphasized that her breakup with Dominic was not dramatic, and their relationship was special to her. She mentioned that before dating Dominic, she had negative experiences with men which had caused her to build up walls. However, falling in love with Dominic opened her eyes to new possibilities.

Dating Dominic helped Hunter work through her negative feelings towards men and allowed her to have more meaningful relationships with men. She described her relationship with Dominic as beautiful and said it helped her to open up emotionally.

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