Gypsy Rose Blanchard Claims She Is ‘Not at Fault’ for Ryan Scott Anderson Divorce in Restraining Order

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard has filed a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, shortly after they separated. The pair reportedly had a fight before Gypsy, 32, left and confirmed their breakup. In her restraining order, the Louisiana native is reportedly claiming that she is “not at fault for the dissolution of [their] marriage.”

Additionally, Gypsy is requesting that Ryan pay interim and long-term spousal support because she is “in need,” according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE on Thursday, April 11.

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Last week, Gypsy’s friend Nadiya Vizier told the same publication that Gypsy and Ryan had a huge altercation before splitting for good.

“He got in her face and screamed,” Nadiya claimed. “Gypsy said that she was afraid he was going to hit her. He didn’t — but that happened in the past with her mother [Dee Dee Blanchard]. So, her first instinct was to tighten up and be prepared. But she got to safety and called her lawyer, too. Ryan is a big guy, and she told me it was really scary.”

Shortly before that, Gypsy was seen hanging out with her former fiancé, Ken Urker, getting tattoos together and even holding hands. However, Ken claimed on social media that they were just friends and weren’t intimate.

In March, Gypsy took to Facebook to reveal that she and Ryan were “going through a separation” and that she moved back in with her parents.

“I have the support of my family and friends to help guide me through this [sic],” Gypsy wrote in her message. “I am learning to listen to my heart. Right now I need time to let myself find who I am.”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard recently filed a restraining order against her ex-husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, after they split up. She claims she is not responsible for their separation. Gypsy also asked for financial support from Ryan because she needs it. According to a friend, Gypsy and Ryan had a big fight before breaking up for good. Gypsy is now spending time with her former fiancé, Ken Urker, but he says they are just friends. Gypsy announced on Facebook that she and Ryan are separated and she has moved back in with her parents for support. She is taking time to figure out who she is.

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