Bachelorette’s JoJo Fletcher Opens Up About Her & Husband Jordan Rodgers’ ‘Work Dynamic’ (Exclusive Interview)

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JoJo Fletcher and her husband, Jordan Rodgers, will always be part of the Bachelor Nation, but that doesn’t mean they can’t spread their wings and fly! While speaking exclusively with about her second Cupshe collaboration, JoJo, 33, opened up about how it feels to work with her spouse, as she and Jordan, 35, co-hosted season 1 of The Big D.

JoJo and Jordan quickly went from “being the center of a reality TV dating show while trying to figure out [their] relationship” — which “was obviously very different” — to “co-hosting together as spouses,” and the experience was “just so fun to [them],” she gushed.

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As for how it felt transitioning from being contestants to co-hosts, the former season 20 star of The Bachelor said, “For us it was surprisingly so easy!”

“We have a really great work dynamic, which we realize isn’t always the case,” the Tennessee native said. “So, we are really lucky to be able to do things we love in our profession, but doing them together makes it even more fun for us. It’s like ‘bring your husband to work day,’ — just every day!”

The Big D got canceled after its first season aired in 2022. If they have the chance to return as co-hosts, JoJo pointed out that the job was “one of our favorite things we do together and hope there are more to come!”

The couple first met in 2016 while filming season 12 of The Bachelorette. They got engaged in the season finale and wed in May 2022. Now that their second anniversary is around the corner, JoJo pointed out that they “carved out a couple weeks” to celebrate their love.

“We have the craziest schedule these next couple of months with work,” JoJo said, adding that she and Jordan “have a friend’s wedding in Amsterdam that falls in the same time frame.”

JoJo Fletcher and her husband, Jordan Rodgers, are still a part of Bachelor Nation, but they are also exploring new opportunities. In an interview with, JoJo talked about working with Jordan on their second collaboration with Cupshe. They co-hosted season 1 of The Big D together.

They went from being on a reality TV dating show to co-hosting as a married couple, which JoJo said was a fun experience. Transitioning from contestants to co-hosts was surprisingly easy for them.

JoJo mentioned that they have a great work dynamic and enjoy doing things together. She compared it to having “bring your husband to work day” every day.

Although The Big D was canceled after the first season, JoJo expressed hope for more opportunities to work together in the future.

The couple first met on The Bachelorette in 2016, got engaged, and married in 2022. As their second anniversary approaches, they have set aside time to celebrate. Despite their busy schedules, they are looking forward to attending a friend’s wedding in Amsterdam.

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