Halle Berry Reveals Whether Her Kids Will Watch Her New Horror Movie ‘Never Let Go’

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Halle Berry is getting ready for her new horror flick Never Let Go to premiere in the fall, but one of her children may not be watching it. The Die Another Day actress, 57, discussed whether her two kids Nahla, 16, and Maceo-Robert, 10, would be watching the new scary movie in a new interview with Extra at CinemaCon on Wednesday, April 10.

When asked whether her kids would be watching Never Let Go, Halle said that her elder child is more of a horror fan. She said that Nahla is “going to like this” movie, but it may not be a good fit for Maceo-Robert. “My 16-year-old [daughter], yeah. My son would have nightmares for a very long time, so no,” she told Extra“I mean, he saw a trailer of, like, a scary movie, and it took us a year to get him to go to bed by himself, so he won’t be seeing it.”

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Even though her son may not be catching the movie, Halle admitted that making Never Let Go gave her a new appreciation for her two children. ” I learned that from this movie. My children are my most valued treasures,” she said.

Never Let Go is a psychological thriller about a family that’s haunted by a spirit for years, and one of the children wonders whether evil is real, according to IMDb. The movie is set to premiere on September 27.

While Maceo may not catch Never Let Go anytime soon, Halle has shown that she absolutely loves getting to enjoy movies with her kids! Back in August, the actress revealed that her daughter treated her to go see Barbie for her birthday, along with boyfriend Van Hunt. The Bond Girl looked like she had a fantastic time with her daughter and beau. “My mini me (but not so mini anymore) and my VanO took me to the World of Barbie for my B-day!” she wrote. “I got to let my inner Barbie soar!!!! I love you guys …thank you!”

Halle Berry is excited for her new scary movie, “Never Let Go,” but she’s not sure if her kids will be watching it. Her daughter Nahla, who is 16, likes scary movies, but her son Maceo-Robert, who is 10, might get scared. Halle said her son had nightmares after seeing a scary movie trailer, so he won’t be watching this one.

Even though her son won’t be watching, Halle really values her children. Making “Never Let Go” made her appreciate them even more. The movie is about a haunted family, and one of the children questions if evil is real. It will be out on September 27.

While Maceo might not see the movie, Halle loves watching movies with her kids. Her daughter even took her to see “Barbie” for her birthday, along with her boyfriend Van Hunt. They had a great time together, and Halle is grateful for her family.

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