KISS’ Gene Simmons Praises JoJo Siwa’s iHeartRadio Music Awards Outfit

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Gene Simmons showed tons of support for Jojo Siwa after she rocked an outfit that was seemingly inspired by his on-stage looks with KISS at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Monday, April 1. The KISS frontman, 74, praised the Dance Moms alum, 20, for being “extraordinary.” He also called out any critics of her look for being envious of her success.

The rock icon praised her and offered some sound advice that everyone should follow in an interview with TMZ on Wednesday, April 3. “Jojo is cool. Anybody who doesn’t get it is just jealous. Period. Never be ordinary. Always be extraordinary,” he said. “Jojo is extraordinary and she looks cool.”

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At the end of his brief statement, Gene said that he also noticed the comparisons, but he seemed flattered that a young up-and-coming star would mirror her style off of his on-stage looks. “Of course, she looks like me, but that’s another story,” he said.

Jojo sported an outfit similar to the ones that the members of KISS wore onstage when she arrived on the red carpet for the award show. She had some dark eye makeup on in a pattern that resembled the ones that KISS’ members wore on-stage, even though it wasn’t a perfect replication of Gene’s “Demon” makeup (or even Ace Frehely’s “Spaceman” look, which is similar). She also rocked a sparkling black-and-silver outfit that had similarities to the “God of Thunder” rocker’s stage looks, with spiked designs, resembling a bat and more.

While Gene was very supportive of Jojo’s look, a few viewers online weren’t as supportive. “Now why is Jojo Siwa going around dressed like KISS? It feels uncalled for,” one person wrote on X. “WHAT THE HELL IS JOJO SIWA WEARING?! Is this supposed to be KISS inspired? Did she lose a bet?” another viewer wrote.

Despite some negativity, there were a few who agreed that Jojo looks very “cool” indeed. “Ngl, that KISS rockstar look that JoJo Siwa was rockin looked pretty dope,” one fan wrote.

Gene Simmons from the band KISS supported Jojo Siwa’s outfit at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. He called her “extraordinary” and defended her against critics who were jealous of her success. In an interview, Gene praised Jojo for being cool and unique, encouraging everyone to be extraordinary. He noticed the similarities between Jojo’s outfit and his own on-stage looks, but he was flattered by it.

Jojo’s outfit was inspired by KISS, with dark eye makeup and a sparkling black-and-silver outfit. While Gene supported her look, some online viewers were not as kind. Despite some negativity, there were fans who thought Jojo looked cool in her rockstar outfit.

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