Gypsy Rose Blanchard Gets a Tattoo With Ex-Fiance Ken Urker After Ryan Scott Anderson Split

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard went to go get a tattoo with her ex-fiancé Ken Urker after announcing her separation from Ryan Scott Anderson. Ken’s mom Raina Williams revealed that the two of them spent time together in a new interview. Despite the two of them hanging out, she said that there’s nothing romantic going on between the former couple as of now.

Raina explained to People that Gypsy, 32, and Ken grabbed lunch a few after she announced that she had separated from Ryan. She said that the two of them went to a tattoo parlor, which is owned by Gypsy’s cousin Bobby Pitre. The pair also got tattoos as part of their day out. She had previously gotten a tattoo at the same parlor when she went with her ex.

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Ken’s mom continued and said that they were simply hanging out as friends, rather than as possible romantic partners. “They are not back together,” she told the outlet. “They’re very cool. Ken is just being a supportive friend to her and that’s it.”

She continued and said that her son has only the best wishes for his friendship with Gypsy. “As of right now, there is no plans on a romantic scale right now,” she said. “My son has never had any kind of ill intentions towards Gypsy. It devastated him when they broke up the first time. But he truly thought that was what was best for Gypsy.”

Gypsy and Ken had met via the prison pen-pal program, and they got engaged in 2019, but a few months later they broke up. She later connected with Ryan, and the pair got married in July 2022. He was with her when she was released from prison in December 2023. The pair’s separation comes three months after her release.

Gypsy announced that she and Ryan had split in a social media post on March 28. “Unfortunately, my husband and I are going through a separation, and I moved in with my parents home down the bayou. I have the support of my family and friends to help guide me through this [sic],” she wrote.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard recently went to get a tattoo with her ex-fiancé Ken Urker after separating from her husband Ryan Scott Anderson. Ken’s mom, Raina Williams, mentioned in an interview that the two spent time together, but they are just friends and not a romantic couple at the moment.

According to Raina, Gypsy and Ken had lunch together after her separation announcement and visited a tattoo parlor owned by Gypsy’s cousin, Bobby Pitre. They both got tattoos during their outing, but it was purely a friendly hangout, not a romantic date.

Raina emphasized that Ken is only being a supportive friend to Gypsy, with no plans for a romantic relationship. She mentioned that Ken has always had good intentions towards Gypsy and was devastated by their previous breakup. Gypsy and Ken got engaged in 2019 but ended things a few months later before Gypsy married Ryan in July 2022.

Gypsy announced their separation from Ryan in a social media post in March, where she mentioned moving in with her parents for support. She expressed gratitude for the help and guidance from family and friends during this time.

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