Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum Reportedly Want Each Other to Testify Over Divorce Settlement

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Six years after they first announced their split, Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum appear to still be at odds over some aspects of their divorce. Now, the exes are headed to court to hash out details of their settlement.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE on April 10, Jenna, 43, submitted legal paperwork that listed her preliminary witness list — which includes herself and Channing, 43, — to “testify regarding all issues related to the parties’ marriage including business and financial activities.”

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As for Channing, he requested testimony from Jenna. He also asked her fiancé, Steve Kazee, to testify “regarding his and Petitioner’s cohabitation, joint expenses and all related matters.”

A court hearing is scheduled for Friday, April 12. According to court documents, the “key issues” for the trial are division of property, reimbursement claims, support, breach of fiduciary duty and attorneys’ fees.

Jenna specifically mentioned the Magic Mike intellectual property. (Channing starred in the franchise since 2012). The actress alleges she acquired it with her ex-husband and wants the division of the intellectual property to be decided first because it “will impact the resolution of the other financial issues in this case.”

Channing’s attorneys, however, alleged in court documents that the actor “has expended extensive efforts since separation towards the enhancement of the Magic Mike intellectual property and related entities, which Respondent contends give rise to his separate property interest therein.”

After meeting on the set of Step Up in 2006, Channing and Jenna started dating before tying the knot three years later.

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum are still working out the details of their divorce six years after they first announced their split. They’re going to court to figure things out.

Jenna wants Channing to testify about their marriage and business activities. And Channing wants Jenna and her fiancé, Steve Kazee, to talk about their living situation and expenses.

The court hearing is on April 12, and they will discuss property division, financial claims, support, breach of trust, and legal fees.

Jenna is focused on the intellectual property from the Magic Mike movies, which she says they both own. Channing’s lawyers say he has put a lot of work into the franchise and claims it as his own property.

Jenna and Channing met while filming Step Up in 2006 and got married three years later.

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